Our Restoration Services Include :

  • Removal of old discoloured sealant
  • Remove stains - rust, tar and tire marks
  • Efflorescence clean - remove efflorescence (whitish salt deposit)
  • Surface Preparation to  remove ground-in dirt on paving stones and concrete, without discolouring or damaging surfaces. It cleans evenly, restores original colours and enables the sealant to better penetrate the paving stones
  • High pressure powerwash -remove weeds and moss growth from your pavers joints
  • Jointing sand application - polymeric sand  mix  specifically formulated for achieving optimum bonding to  seal and reduce joint/sands washouts, erosions, weed growth
  • Interlocking repairs - remove shifted pavers, apply sufficient bedding, re-grade and re-install the existing pavers.
  • Weed Kill treatment to retard future weed growth

Our formula for success:
Affordable rates - Superior Workmanship - Delighted Customers
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