We at Pro-tect use only 100% sprayable acrylic for residential driveways. This superior Acrylic formula is specially designed for Asphalt driveways.
  • There is no odour, no fumes
  • black mat finish
  • Quick drying - within 3 hours
  • Manufacturer guaranteed for over 2 years
  • Wears naturally like regular asphalt

Our basic service includes :
  • 2 coat application of 100% Premium Acrylic Sealer
  • Trimming  grass around driveway borders
  • Removing grass from driveway cracks, sidewalk/road boarders
  • High velocity blower to final clean driveway and cracks of dirt and dust
  • Hand crafted blockades to ensure that your curbs and boarders remain clean
Our formula for success:
Affordable rates - Superior Workmanship - Delighted Customers
Optional services include:
  • Oil spot primer & crack fill
  • Exclusive permanent hot melt
  • Crack repair using Pli-Stix®
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Our  100 % Acrylic sealer  stays black and lasts longer than other Oil/ Tar sealers

Oil & Tar based Sealers after only 6 months
Our 100% Premium Acrylic Sealer after   3 years
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